To our wonderful customers,

We have made the extremely hard decision to shut the door after nearly 12 years on Hungerfords high street.

The mixture of Brexit, COVID and now the cost of living crisis has been a perfect storm for our business, one which we unfortunately cannot weather.

We have loved being there for all your special occasions. We have joined in and celebrated births, marriages, anniversaries, big birthdays and the fond farewells - we really feel like we have been a part of your families over the last 12 years. It has been our pleasure to spread the joy that flowers bring in these moments.

Although we are heartbroken that we couldn't make it work, we are extremely proud of what we achieved. We are looking forward spending more time with our family, if anything positive is to come from this, it is the freedom to enjoy them and to see where life and all its adventures will take us.

Martin, Emma & Team

' Beginnings are usually scary, and ending are usually sad, but it's everything in-between that makes it all worth living.'                   - Bob Marley -