Refugee Week 14-20 June

From the 14th - 20th June it's Refugee Week and we will be supporting Choose Love, a charity who are helping support people fleeing from war, persecution and climate change.

This is something we feel very passionately about. So we decided to act. In this week we will be not only raising awareness, we will also be donating 10% of our weekly takings to Choose Love.

We hope you share our compassion for our fellow humans who are in desperate need of our help. Shop with us, pop in, spread the word, share, like or simply donate via the Choose Love website.


Joining us for the week will be Tiny.Quarters.

Emma makes wonderful tiny houses from clay. These fun and whimsical little homes are borne from Emma's frustration during lockdown at being unable to actively help refugees in need. They represent the safe, warm homes every human seek and deserve. As she says...

"A home is a basic human right which is being denied to so many people. These people are vulnerable and need our support...this might be a tiny act, but positive action is better than no action."

Emma donates 25% of all sales to Choose Love and her tiny home will be available to buy in our shop for the whole week. Please check her out here.